The Pittsfield Building consists of 392,647 rentable square feet.  The gross area of the building extends to approximately 515,280 square feet.  The building is 40 stories high, and the highest floor that is occupied is the 38th floor.

The property is located on the south side of Washington Street between Wabash Avenue and Garland.  The building also fronts Wabash Ave on the west side of the building.  The location of the Pittsfield Building offers excellent access to three CTA "El" stops, the Radolph METRA station, and several different bus routes.  The flexibility in transportation in this area is one of the building's greatest assets.  The building also lies in close proximity to excellent shopping, entertainment and the Lakefront. 

The building offers many amenities within its structure, such as: shopping at American Eagle, the building's cigar shop, or in one of several jewelry shop located throughout the building.  Tasty meals can be picked up at the Pittsfield Cafe located on the first floor.  Tenants also enjoy the ability to use three conference rooms for larger meetings.  There are two conference rooms on floor 13 and one conference room on floor 5.